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Interior architect Catharina Adams has a passion for all that breathes aesthetics. Modern art and antique, nights at the opera, and long walks in English gardens.

Catharina's creativity can be characterised as reasoned, perceptive and thoughtful, with a mastery of the complexity of interior design at all levels. She is a good listener and able to quickly understand interior design needs and possibilities.                   

Catharina, 2002 graduate of LUCA School of Arts Brussels, gained her initial experience with Belgian star architect Glenn Sestig, the architect of contemporary elegance.

Residential projects under her own name followed shortly thereafter.

Coming from a family with craftsmanship in its DNA, chef d’atelier Frederik Poublon graduated from St. Lukas Menen as an artisanal woodworker with a diploma in industrial furniture making.


Practice makes perfect: Frederik gained his initial experience in a very small team specialised in all types of exterior joinery. He then refined his interior skills with a ten-year stretch at grand atelier Descamps Decoratie, at that time well-known for its international total renovations of high-end retail, hospitality and residential projects. His work at Descamps included the Louis Vuitton boutique in Paris and the Dior boutiques throughout Europe. Frederik takes projects to the next level with his keen eye for perfection and profound sense of detail.

With a shared passion for art, interior architecture and furniture design, Catharina and Frederik opened their own studio in Antwerp in 2010, embracing both aesthetics and craftsmanship.


Combining their talent, expertise and dedication, they guarantee unique design with an exquisite finish. Specialities include interior architecture (from concept, through supervision, to final acceptance), detailed custom furniture design, the finishing touch of refurbishment, as well as a passion for Belle-Epoque and Beaux-Arts renovations.

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