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Ceci n'est pas un office

Interior finishing of a newly constructed apartment that functions as an office & gallery

- 2019 Antwerp Belgium


An ode to both interior architecture and Antwerp along the Scheldt.

Maximising the city-on-the-waterside experience with grand view of the Scheldt and a playful approach to inviting the outside in. Raw materials, soft textures and exotic details – from Morocco to Japan – make this office feel like a holiday breeze.

Discover a broad range of possibilities in interior architecture to trigger your imagination.

Villa Meadow 

Interior of a newly constructed family house - 2017 Ranst Belgium


An act of harmonising.

Balancing zones of intimacy, created using warm elements of copper, smoked oak wood and the optimal use of light, with respect for the spacious, minimalistic and stark design by architect Van Damme.

South Side City Office & Home

Renovation of a hair salon into an apartment with office

- 2010 Antwerp Belgium


A yearning for openness, space and incoming daylight.


Transparency enables one to focus at work and unwind athome.Transforming a small salon in a seventies-era residence into an office and home.With smart solutions to maximise its space, sliding doors for an open view on demand, and - in the middle of the city -a bathroom with garden view.

Introducing Scabal 

Scenography and production of permanent Scabal Exhibition

- 2018 Brussels Belgium

foto 1-_CPL8495.jpg

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That first impression?

You’ll come to appreciate Scabal, world-renowned Belgian brand for prestigious menswear fabrics and tailor-made suits, from the very first moment you arrive at its headquarters.

The Scabal Walk of Fame is composed of gently undulating elements in dark ebony wood, with spotlights on Robert
de Niro, Dali and many others.

We are honoured to have enjoyed the full confidence of a company that shares our values.

Résidence Eclectique

Renovation of an eclectic private home - 2017 Antwerp Belgium


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A quest for space.

Updating the interior of a magnificent mansion from 1909 to meet contemporary standards.
With residence-only bar and theatre.

Bistro Boutique


Renovation of flagship store Kringwinkel Recycling Shop

- 2018 Bruges Belgium


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An interior as flexible as its ever-changing collection of vintage curiosa and designs.

With a cosy bistro, intriguing shop-in-a-shop experiences and a selection of materials that draws all eyes to the

Résidence La Pépinière

Restoration of a Beaux-Arts apartment

- 2020 Antwerp Belgium


A déjeuner sur l'herbe. 

From family apartment to couples' condo: reclaiming the empty nest. 


A beau monde rooftop apartment longed for a breath of fresh air and enhanced intimacy. 

Carpe diem with a new en suite bathroom, guest rooms and renovated kitchen, ideal for déjeuner for two in the morning sun. 

Use of marble, herringbone floors, arcades and arches. 

Surrounded by Antwerp parks, with a shared private garden, designed by architects de Montigny & Somers in 1929. 

Petit hôtel d’étage

Vue de Meir

Restoration of Belle-Epoque apartment

- 2020 Antwerp Belgium


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Reinstating the design to what it was meant to be.


A 6th floor on one of the first high-standard apartment buildings for the well-to-do bourgeoisie, furnished with all the modern comforts and equipped for a resident staff.

Located along Antwerp’s shopping avenue, Meir, it was designed in 1925 by Architect Camille Janssens, also known for the concrete
warehouse ‘La Nationale’, now MUHKA. With decorative sculpture on the facing brick by Antwerp sculptor Alfons de Rydt.

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