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Whether it is a residential apartment or villa, 

an exclusive gallery, a vibrant office or cosy boutique hotel, what matters most is that being there makes you feel comfortably yourself.

It’s about finding a balance in time, location and identity. It’s that moment when everything has been thought of, when everything falls into place and a true simplicity emerges. It makes living in total freedom inevitable.

Our approach can be described as a multi-layered sensate experience. It is a matter of careful consideration and a constant search on multiple levels. 

There of course are the technical, functional and material aspects, but just as important is the emotional level: how does a space feel? Where does it invite one to walk? Is it spacious enough? Where does daylight enter?

We look at what the building stands for and what its natural or urban surroundings offer.


What does the architecture of the building say?

What elements are present?

Can we integrate art?


We choose materials, colours and shapes that fit the occupant, the location and the type of building. What suits you best when you use the space? Our aim is to ensure you feel at home.

We prefer to work in a small team, with full focus and dedication. We take charge of all aspects, one project at a time. Since each space has its own authentic character, a project is always custom and never standard, following a process personalised to the space, the surroundings and to you, the occupant.

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